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Black List

Flock of foreigners’ visits Thailand every year due its uniquely kind of charm that it has to offer to everyone, whether just for a short holiday adventure, a business trip or even for a long-term plan of settling in the country.

But while a trip to Thailand could be an adventure of a lifetime for foreign visitors, it could also lead to a serious mess if an alien fails to follow a numerous set of law (both criminal and offence under the immigration act) that has been set forth by the kingdom.  Cases may differ in a variety of consequences ranging from being fined to imprisonment or both, thus resulting to being included into the “Thailand Blacklist”.

Having a blacklist in Thailand means that a person is prohibited to enter the country in a specific period of time ordered by the law. In recent years backlisted foreigners have increase in numbers and continuously growing in a daily basis due to different kinds of cases among which are criminal offences being made in violation to the Thai laws and some are made under the immigration act.


2 Categories of Overstaying and the Timespan of Blacklist accordingly

An alien who overstayed in Thailand are mainly classified into two categories.

  • Overstayers that surrenders to authorities voluntarily.

  • 1 year banned for overstaying 90 days after the permitted date of departure.

  • 3 years banned for overstaying more than one year.

  • 5 years banned for overstaying more than three years.

  • 10 years banned for overstaying more than 5 years.

  • Overstayers that get arrested and prosecuted.

  • 5 years banned for overstaying one year (or less) after the permitted date of departure

  • 10 years banned for overstaying more than a year


 Some factors that can lead a foreigner to be in a blacklist:

  • If a lawsuit was filed against the foreigner in which causes the court to issue an arrest warrant for him/her.

  • A foreigner who jumped bail or fail to appear for trial after being released on bail.

  • Convicted with criminal charges and was sent to jail or a detention facility before being deported back to his/her country of origin.

  • Foreigners who have a pending or ongoing case in their home country and has notification order to Thailand for “Persona Non-Grata” (Unwelcome Person).


What’s stated above are just only few cases out from a number of reason that can lead a person to be on the blacklist in Thailand, and if you want to make sure yours is not included in the blacklist, then its best to contact a professional lawyer from our firm at JT Legal Consult. Our competent Thai Lawyers can help to get the details of your blacklist issues and see if it is possible to make action to clear you in the blacklist.

Clearing you on the blacklist in Thailand may not be a piece of cake job for our lawyers, but through their years of experienced particularly on the said matter, the most favorable results will be certain to the best of your interest.

Therefore, anyone who suspects that they may be at risk of blacklisting should contact our legal professional at JT Legal Consult in an effort to rectify the situation or mitigate significant negative consequences.

Contact us today and have a word with our lawyers to see if you are eligible for having your blacklist cleared, so that you can enjoy the beauty of Thailand once again with the total peace of mind.