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Criminal Case

Whether you are facing a criminal charge or would like to file a criminal case to an offender you would need to engage to an experienced lawyer, in addition you may also need to place a significant trust in the lawyer that you choose to properly defend your rights, protect your reputation and ensure that your voice is heard.



The Thailand Criminal Code is the codified system of law, or body of laws concerning crimes and offenses against “the public” or against another person and prescribing a penalty for the one who violate it. Some of the most common offences that foreigners come across with are;

  • Offences relating to Counterfeit and Alteration

  • Offences against Life and Body

  • Offences against Liberty and Reputation

  • Offences against Property

  • Offences of Cheating and Fraud

These violations are punishable under the Thai Criminal code with certain degree of penalty depending on the gravity of the offence this can range from paying a fine to getting incarcerated or even the most worst death sentence.


If your circumstances fall under this situation, here are some guide lines of what to do;

The side of the Defendant

Initially, you may want to inform your local embassy and notify the consulate. The consulate may somehow take action to reduce your charges against you depending on the case, but the least they can do is to contact your relatives to inform your current situation, moreover the consulate will provide you with some of the basic Thai legal procedures, along with a list of attorneys’ you can contact with.

In an event that you do not have your own lawyer to represent your behalf in the court, The court is mandated to provide you with one but bear in mind that this lawyers are most likely to be in experience and most likely to have a limited proficiency in English, taking into consideration that your best interest is to let your lawyer review your case before deciding to take your next course of action to bring forth in the court proceeding.


If a warrant of arrest has been served to a suspected criminal law offender a motion of request to bail-out can be requested from by a Thai lawyer and will be subject for an approval depending on the gravity of offence by the court of law.

The side of the Complainant

There are two options if you are the plaintiff;

First, you may want to file a report to the police station within the same district where the incident took place, it is in your best interest to file the report as soon as possible right after the occurrence of the incident, in this case you may do this by yourself but it is more likely to be bit complicated due to the proper process given that you do not have any background of your situation.

Therefore, it is advisable to consider getting an advice or an assistance to a lawyer that you can speak to in your native language or better yet in English to express your complain more precise.

Secondly, the complainant may go directly to file a lawsuit to the court, wherein, it is highly advisable to get an assistance from a competent Thai Lawyer who has an experience representing both sides (Defendant and Complainant) to gather all necessary relevant evidence to protect your rights and make sure to that you get compensated according to your case and bring justice in the court of law.

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in this situation, you may seek for an experienced English speaking Thai Lawyers by contacting us at JT Legal Consult.