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Legal Services
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NOTARY SERVICE Why do we need a Notary Service and who requires it? In a number of different countries worldwide, a Notary Public is known as an official who is license by the State to provide authentication of such legal documents, signatures, affidavits or a statement of person under oath. The importance of notarization to […]

Thai Police Clearance Certificates

Thai Police Clearance Certificates JT Legal Consult provides a service for foreigners both currently residing in Thailand and abroad in obtaining a Thai Police Clearance to whatever purposes it may serve them, our service includes expedited process of application without being required of the applicant’s presence upon the requisition of the certificate itself, our firm […]

Contract Review

Contract Review What is the importance of a Contract Review service in Thailand? Contract review is the process of reading and understanding a contract on a line-by-linebasis, thus involving a deep analysis process to make sure the contract is fair. Most importantly, you need to make sure it doesn’t include any loopholes that can work […]

Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament What is the advantage of drafting a Thai Will? A last will and testament is a legal documents that lets you as the testator (person making the will) designate individuals to receive your properties and possession or any other assets such as bank accounts, vehicle and personal valuable items when you […]

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration What is a trademark and how can someone register it under the Thai law? A trademark is a sign that distinguishes the good and services of one trader from those in others. Typically, a trademark can be words including e.g. Personal names Indications Designs A combination or Separate Letters, Numerals and Characters Shape […]