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Retirement Visa

Are you one of those business professionals and service men who might just did your fair share of your time in your home country and thinking to retire in a tropical country living in with a great culture and hospitable people?

Thailand has been consistently among the top Asian countries that most foreigners prefer to spend their retirements due to its wide range of things to offer for a perfect “Retirement Paradise”, giving its undeniable low cost of living that a retiree can enjoy their pension with as well as a world class hospital that they can rely-on in any medical circumstances that may occur during the time of their retirements, whether you are looking to stay in a cooler weather up the mountains in Changmai (northern part), a sea side breeze all year round in Phuket (southern part) or even a buzzling scenic of the metropolis.

Thailand indeed has everything to offer to everyone and this all can be you in your retirement days, just simply brief yourself with some factors to consider for your “Retirement Visa” and then have an appointment to our legal experts at JT Legal Consult to have that dream retirement of yours turn into reality in the “Land of Smiles”.

There are certain things to know about getting a Retirement Visa in Thailand, this type of visa is also known as a Non-Immigrant O-A Visa in which the holder is entitled to stay in the kingdom of Thailand for a long term.

In accordance to the Immigration Order 7.17 given by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand under Type 7.21 Retirement.



  • Foreigner shall obtain visa for temporary stay

  • Applicant shall not be younger than 50 years of age

  • Evidence showing the monthly income of not less than 65,000 Baht

  • Bank statements of records from the recent 3 months of any bank in Thailand with a security deposit of no less than 800,000 Baht

Documents Required

  • Application form

  • Copy of Passport

  • Police Clearance

  • Medical Certificate

  • Updated bank book or passbook

  • Bank endorsement stating that the money had been deposited to the account from an oversea source for not less than 3 months.

Aside from these requirements stated above there are some more additional documents that might be needed such as proof of address in Thailand i.e. (utility bills, rental agreement etc.) gathering all these documents by yourself can be really daunting and challenging that is why we at JT Legal Consult are willing to get all the hard work of this process from you to pass it to our team of dedicated experts who does it in a day to day basis to make sure our clients only gets a stress free experience in obtaining any visa related issues.