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Business Visa / Non-Immigrant B Visa

If you are a foreigner in Thailand who is considering to venture your own business or just simply want to broaden your professional career working for a local Thai company in the land of smiles, then you might want to equipped yourself and at least be familiar of the proper procedures you will undergo as well as the precise set of documents you will be needing to obtain a visa that will allow you to stay for the duration that you may require.

In order for a businessman or a worker to enter and work in the kingdom of Thailand, one has to secure a Thai business visa or a Thai working visa which is categorized as a Non-Immigrant B (business) visa, although in some cases if a foreign employee has been hired by a Thai company chances are that the company will guide you in organizing and furnish you with the necessary documents for the visa application.


 List of documents required from the hiring Company.

  • Business registration and business license

  • Business operation in details

  • Shareholders list

  • Complete list of workers including foreigners stating both position and nationalities

  • Mapped location of the company

  • Balance sheet, Income statement

  • Tax registration


2 types of Thai Business Visa

(1) Non-Immigrant B Visa - Employment

  • A foreigner who will work in Thailand must first apply an initial 90 days Non-Immigrant B visa to an embassy of Thailand in another country.

  • Upon the return in Thailand with the initial 90 days visa the application for the work permit will be a prerequisite

  • Once the work permit is granted the applicant may go to the Immigration Department for the 1-year Non-Immigrant B visa

  • If the visa holder wishes to go out of Thailand a re-entry permit is a required to keep the validity of the visa.

  • The foreign employee is subject to report at the immigration office every 90-days

  • The yearly renewal can be made at the immigration office in Thailand

(2)Non-Immigrant B Visa – Conducting Business

  • A foreigner who wish to conduct a business in Thailand must first apply for a Non-Immigrant B visa at the Thai Embassy in another country

  • Single-entry is issued by the Thai Embassy to a person which allows a maximum of 90 consecutive days of stay in Thailand

  • Multiple-entry is issued to an applicant who frequently goes in-and-out of Thailand, The Thai Embassy allows a maximum of 1 year and can be renewed eventually.


Things that are stated above are some of the guidelines and checklist for someone who would like to obtain a working visa in Thailand, keep in mind that this type of visa is one of the most complicated kind to acquire for it needs a careful filling of the set of documents and supporting evidence the immigration requires to process your application.

Sorting out your visa application by your own perhaps might save you some money but getting an assistance from a Thai Visa specialist that can eliminate all the hassles and save your time, might be an investment for a reasonable amount considering the service they could provide from gathering all the documents and filling all the forms so that it can minimize the risk of getting rejected.

We at JT Legal Consult have the reputation of exceeding our client’s expectation through our years of experience that our skilled professionals consistently provide in a timely manner, let our savvy experts do all the hard work while you relax at peace knowing that you are well-being taking care of.