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Thai Marriage Visa

Any foreigner who are legally married to a Thai citizen are eligible to get a long-term visa to stay in Thailand that can be renewed on a yearly basis, this particular visa is under the Non-Immigrant-O(Other) visa also known as “Thai Marriage Visa”, In obtaining this visa the applicant must lodge application together with all the complete necessary documents  in a Thai Embassy and normally may take from 2 to 5 working days depending on the processing consul office.

In applying a Thai Marriage Visa, a foreign national must meet with the requirements set forth by the Bureau of Immigration or the Thai embassy or consulate where the application

is being lodge. Requirements for applying a Thai Marriage Visa

  • Legally married to a Thai national

  • Must meet a Financial Requirements:

(1) THB 400,000 Security Deposit to a Thai bank two month prior to the visa application

(2) THB 40,000 monthly income with a letter from the foreign embassy verifying the stated income.

  • Police Clearance

  • Medical Certificate

However, once an initial of 90 days has been granted the extension of it for a yearly basis can be done inside Thailand, but keep in mind that the rules for extension of the marriage visa does change from time to time in Thailand with prior conditions may be added.

In addition, if a divorce will take place the validity of your marriage visa will be forfeited forcing the visa holder to leave the kingdom immediately, whereas in some cases applies certain exception applies.

Thai marriage visa processing may have its own stages of obstacles, therefore having an assistance from a competent visa expert to guide you through every step of the process should be a breeze that you deserve, look no further JT Legal Consult pledges to our clients to clear all those obstacle in a manner that all legal and visa assistance services we provide will meet the satisfaction or in most cases even surpasses our clients expectation.